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December 3, 2017

5 days, 40 hours, 2.4K minutes a week are spent at work (well, if you have a typical, boring job, that is). We spend most of our lives getting ready for, travelling to, and being at WORK. So, of course, the majority of our wardrobe would reflect that, right? Wrong.


Personally, only 20% of my wardrobe consists of "work clothes", because, well, who cares really. Just wear the same few outfits over and over. I mean, half my outfit is hidden under a desk while I click away at my keyboard for 6-hours straight anyway. *WARNING: This is destructive thinking, which can only spiral into a dark pit of fashion faux pas and dress-code disasters. (Think, "pyjama jeans".)* 



If you're like me, then you need saving - big time. With Couvert Clothing to the rescue, we've included some great workwear options that suit all office environments. For me, the first step to wardrobe redemption is transitional pieces. You want to find fluid items that can move through your lifestyle from work to play, effortlessly. Here are my top three:

Tori Accordion Sleeve Shirt: The length is perfect for any shape trouser - tucked in, tied up, or worn as is. It has great coverage, is ideal for layering, and the accent sleeves add a little something extra.


Olivia Check Print Trousers: A trendy print, tapered cut, and great for office-to-evening wear. 


Charlotte Camel Frill Sleeve Tunic Dress: A chic tunic that can move from sophisticated to contemporary with a few accessory changes. Wear it to work with a blazer and sneakers for a work-chic look, or dressed up with heels for a night out. 



With a little re-vamp and some pre-planning, you know you're ready to take on the office. Repeat after me: "I am fashion. My commute is my runway. The office is my showroom".

Now, get to work!


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