Fashion vs. Style

October 12, 2017

“When it comes to style,” they say, “you either got it, or you don’t.”

(Thank you for your input, but we politely reject your statement)



Of course, there are certain styles that are generally accepted as “fashionable”, and certain people who seem naturally inclined toward the air of “stylish”; but, even if you don’t have style, it is certainly something that can be learnt.


Before we get too technical, let’s talk about style in general – after all, this is a style blog, so we really should cover all the bases, right? Not to be confused with “fashion”, we think of style as the way we put fashion together. To us, fashion is the clothes, the accessories, and the makeup – as dictated by current trends. But, styling is a whole different matter. It’s taking those trends, and combining them in a way that works for you. Fashion is always the latest, the newest, the most popular; but, style is always all your own. Your ability to recognise and adopt trends makes you fashionable, but how you develop and piece together fashion determines whether or not you are stylish. We like to think we’re a little bit of both.


So, while the invisible fashion gurus in the sky sit on their thrones and debate on hemlines and colour palettes for next year’s runway collections, how do we eventually determine how to make it work for us? Let’s be real: the majority of us mere mortals can’t bring the catwalk to the real world. Yes, it provides great inspiration, but we probably won’t be wearing that thumb-sized bucket bag or oversized rainbow tulle skirt any time soon (it just isn’t practical!).


The trick is in understanding yourself - what you find attractive, knowing your body, your limitations, and most importantly your comfort - and choosing the elements in fashion that fit those qualities the best. When considering these, you’ll find your style will say a lot about you. And when it’s all said and done, the most important thing is feeling confident in what you wear.


Now, what defines Couvert Clothing’s style? Well, first and foremost, modesty. With every trend, our first consideration is if and how it can be converted into “modest style”. We’re lucky to live in an age where the awareness surrounding modest fashion is at an all-time high, and even luckier to be kicking off this blog during the Autumn/Winter season (cheeky, we know).


After modesty, though, our style is simple, yet eclectic. Simple in hues and typical silhouettes, but we hope to bring a little something extra to the table. We love a good statement; whether it be a unique sleeve or a wild print, we tend to drift from the straight and narrow. And as any modest dresser knows, there’s always a lot of layering and accessorising.


At Couvert Clothing, we enjoy fashion in all its interpretations. We know style is subjective, which is why we try to incorporate different ideas into our platform. Join the Couvert Clothing community - if you have a different take on any particular fashion or item, we’d love to see it!


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