You Are What You Wear

September 4, 2017

“Modesty”. We hear that word a lot these days, but what does it really mean? To most people, it’s a relative term, especially when it comes to fashion. To the likes of Kim Kardashian, figures like Amaal Clooney and Kate Middleton are “modest”. But, ask the same question to a nun, and they might have a different opinion.



Either way, our fashion choices should make us feel confident. As muslim women, we try our best to adhere to the societal confines of “modesty” (to whatever extent that may be), many times at the expense of style, and in turn, confidence. And, while fashion doesn’t necessarily define who we are, I live in the thought that it is an extension of ourselves, and in some ways, an expression of our values. Our fashion choices reveal so much more about us than we realise - our moods, our likes and dislikes, our spending habits, and even our ambitions.


But hey, why let that pressure burden our passions? As a fellow modest-dressing fashion-lover myself, I know how hard it can be to find a balance between the two. Of course, we want to feel great in what we wear. And of course, we want to keep up with our reserved values.  I feel your pain - the struggle to maintain a modest appearance while keeping up with high-street style is real.



ENTER COUVERT CLOTHING. Created to motivate the hopeless and engage the enthusiasts, we have created a platform for original modest style expression and inspiration. Taking into consideration the latest fashion trends, our curated boutique selection (available for purchase) features items that we carefully choose according to two factors - high-street fashion and modest conversion - at an affordable price.


Revisiting the concept of “relative” modesty, we know and respect the fact there’s a scale. And no, we don’t judge - and we know you won’t either! We gather inspo from all our followers to cover a range of styles and interpretations, to suit us all. We’ll be sharing with you our styling tips and hope you’ll do the same with us.


Shop the range and see how we style our products to suit the modest dresser! 


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